Monday, March 26, 2007

Book Review - "Reality TV and You - Being the Director of Your Life's Reality"

I recently read the book "Reality TV & You – 8 Secrets to Being the DIRECTOR in Your Life's Reality TV Show Using the Law of Attraction" by author, Kathy Perry ( I was struck by the simplicity of the metaphor that Kathy used in explaining such a complex subject. Although this type of information has been available to us throughout the ages, I was amazed at how she condensed it into a book featuring easy to understand, every day language with a "How to" companion workbook.

The title is deceptive. This book is not about reality TV shows, which you'd have to imprison me to watch, and then I'd hide under a pillow and wear ear plugs.

The book focuses on using reality TV as a metaphor for our lives. Kathy indicates, if our life is reading more like a bad script for a Reality TV Show, we can change it by changing our thoughts and emotions. Kathy illustrates that our emotions are like the channels on the television set. We are in control of our emotions through the remote control, as long as we are holding our own remote and no one is pushing our buttons, and we aren't pushing someone else's buttons. Emotions play a very important role in what we are attracting into our lives. Kathy makes the point well . . . if we are continuously changing emotional channels, we are starting and stopping the flow of the things that we want in our lives and the same old stuff we don't want keeps showing up. The book and companion workbook has a series of exercises to get readers to take a close look at their lives and work through rewriting those areas that are not in alignment with what they really want.

Kathy shares many of her own personal experiences throughout the book which gives it a very personal touch and helps connect you with the material. She has done a great job in the practical application of her topic by adding the companion workbook, which contains step by step "How to" instructions.

I applaud Kathy for throwing her hat into the crowded self-help/personal development arena. She has provided a book and an enjoyable workbook that not only helps people understand a complex subject like the Law of Attraction, but shows them how to apply it in their lives.

Look for more wisdom from Kathy in the future. She recognizes the importance of self-awareness and self responsibility and has much valuable information to share.

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