Monday, September 18, 2006

What is the Need for Credit Repair?

Consumers who accumulate large credit debts without repaying them in a timely manner end up with poor credit ratings. Here the question arises what is the need for credit repair?

Lack of a good credit rating can be a hindrance for a person seeking loans or making purchases on credit. This situation will also lead to bad credit reports and the failure to get further credit, when a situation of mounting debts is coupled with an inability to pay.

Debtors may have filed for bankruptcy. Debtors must be aware of the fact that many credit repair services are scams. The important thing to remember is that these services cannot legally eliminate accurate information from a credit report. There are some credible services that can help debtors by arranging payment plans and advising for or against declaring bankruptcy. They can also help to remove data from a credit report that is truly false.


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