Thursday, August 09, 2007

How To Write eBooks - Without Being An Expert

So you've heard about many infopreneurs doing well, generating a steady income and edifice successful concerns writing e-books. And you inquire if you can get without knowing the first thing about how to compose ebooks.

More to the point, you're doubtful about it being possible - unless you're an expert at the subject of your ebook.

Read this article carefully - because I'm about to share with you a technique to authorship e-books... without being an expert!

Step #1 - Pick Your Topic

The first measure to authorship e-books is to choose a topic. Since you're going to larn how about writing e-books without being an expert, there is very small limitation on your field of choice. If you be after to sell it for profit, choice the most moneymaking subjects or fields. If you desire mass-market reach, travel for a popular theme.

In any case, do certain the subject or niche you are going into have a suitable audience for e-books. If your mark audience is people who are not technologically advanced or cannot usage computing machines or don't have got Internet access, it would be difficult to warrant authorship e-books for their needs.

Step #2 - Research Your Niche

No, I don't intend researching for information or knowledge. You are not going to go an 'instant expert' or anything like that. Instead, you are going to turn up the best information resources in the topic on the Web.

Look for authorization websites that are quoted and referenced often as beginnings of quality information. Search for writers of assorted articles who look to cognize what they are talking about. Find experts or people on the topic you be after on authorship e-books.

Step #3 - Contact Them To Write Your e-Book

Shocked? Don't be. I'm not saying you'll just walk up or phone call and inquire them: "Hey, desire to assist me writing e-books?" No, you'd just acquire laughed at!

You now have got to do them an resistless offer. Let's say you establish a top expert who composes lovely content - but hasn't yet written or sold an ebook. You can reach this person, by phone, electronic mail or in person, and do an offer.

You could say:

"I'm planning on authorship e-books about _____ to assist people who are seeking the solution to specific problems. While researching on the Web, I establish your land site and notice you are an expert in this area.

Would you be interested in helping me in authorship e-books, sol we can sell it to my audience of eager purchasers and share in profits? It will do you some other money, plus you will acquire added exposure as a specializer to a crowd of prospects in your country of expertise. If this is of interest, delight allow me know."

Make it sound attractive, appealing and profitable to the expert - in footing of both money and fame.

Not everyone will be eager to assist you or compose ebooks for you. But some of them will, especially if they see it as other income or increased exposure in their niche.

A quicker and easier manner to make this is offering to interview the adept - in individual or over the telephone - and then transcribe the interview as an ebook.

Writing e-books makes not necessitate cognition about how to compose ebooks, or even expert position in your area. Being an infopreneur travels deeper, and affects seeking and identifying chances that you can work and research - with the assistance of technical experts, and using your ain selling cognition and reach.

All you necessitate is the ability to place experts, convert them to work with you, and present on your side of the bargain. The bigger your network, the easier you'll be able make this - which is another ground to larn more than about being an infopreneur and growing your scope of contacts and friends all the time.

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