Monday, November 13, 2006

How a Commercial Mortgage Can Help Your Business

A commercial mortgage or commercial remortgage is a business loan which is secured against a commercial property.

Commercial mortgages are often used to purchase business premises, such as as as as offices, shops, restaurants, or pubs.

But they can also be used to purchase other business assets such as works or machinery.

As well as being a utile manner of support the purchase of business premises for a new business, commercial mortgages can also be an first-class manner of funding the enlargement of an existent business.

A commercial mortgage can also be used to fund investing in land or property which will be used for commercial purposes.

A commercial mortgage can be used to purchase most types of commercial buildings, such as stores and offices, for both new and existent businesses.

The interest rates on commercial mortgages be given to be lower than the interest rates on unsecured business loans and the repayment terms are usually longer. This do them utile for all kinds of business funding requirements.

What About a Remortgage?

If you already have got a commercial mortgage on your company's business premises, you might happen you could profit from remortgaging.

A commercial remortgage allows you to unlock some of the equity that is currently tied up in your commercial property. It could also be a opportunity to switch over to a more than competitive, cheaper mortgage, especially if your or your company's credit evaluation and business history have got improved since you took out your original commercial mortgage.

The money you free up through a commercial remortgage can be used for all kinds of things for your business. For example, you could purchase further stock, or put in new machinery or other fixed assets such as as vehicles. Another usage for the extra money can be to pay off outstanding bills, or clear other borrowings such as as the company's overdraft.

Here are some typical usages for a commercial mortgage or remortgage:

Borrowing money to purchase a shop
Raising finance to purchase an office building
Buying a public house
Financing the purchase of a eating house
Buying a hotel
Buying a house to convert to a Bed & Breakfast (B&B)
Raising finance to purchase an existent business
Clearing a business overdraft
Improving business cashflow
Buying new works or machinery
Financing the purchase of company avant gardes and other vehicles
Borrowing money to purchase extra stock for your business
Funding the enlargement or refurbishment of your offices
Borrowing money to pay for preparation
Buying land for business intents

Further information on commercial mortgages and business loans can be establish at the Online Commercial Mortgages website.

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