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7 Article Reviews From The Musings Of a Mad Prophet


This article is filled with a miraculous but humble story about how God is
faithful to those who love and serve Him. Matthew gives the one dollar he
needed for transport to a homeless man and the Lord uses a total stranger to
pay him back the money. The circumstances of how the dollar was paid back to
him have the hallmarks of the hand of God being involved. Though a humble
amount of money is involved in this story, the story still strikes a cord in
your spirit because it demonstrates how our Great and Mighty God still
reaches out and affects the lives of the little people. No matter how big
you are or how much money you have, God is with you and he is involved in
your life. This story is an inspiration to new believers especially, because
it shows them although they are only new members of God's family and may
feel insignificant, it doesn't matter because God will still answer their
prayers and perform miracles for them if they do His will.

I've been a Christian for two years now and this story inspired me because
it shows that God will perform miracles for me, regardless of how long I've
been a Christian for. God doesn't care how long someone has been a Christian
for or how much money they have to sow into the gospel, Gods looks upon a
mans heart, and if your heart is in the right place God will perform a
miracle for you just like he did with Matthew. Matthew may not be a rich man
but he gives what he can and God does miracles to make sure he is

"No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly" (Psalm 84:11)

This particular verse relates to the article because Matthews testimony of
how the dollar was paid back to him, illustrates how Gods word is fulfilled.
Matthew walked uprightly in the righteousness of Christ and didn't deny a
Homeless man a drink, Jesus said to give to them in need and when Matthew
did Gods will and walked uprightly, God didn't withhold the money he needed.
This article showed me that God is the master of the universe and He gives
and He takes away.


This article paints the picture of a man's amazing journey through life on
earth and life in the spirit realm. God often lets Satan attack us and makes
us suffer so we will draw nearer to Him. In the Bible Job lost his family,
his house, his money and he even developed an illness that made painful
boils appear on his skin, yet he kept trusting and praising God. This story
shows me how Matthew is like a modern day Job and it really puts the book of
Job into perspective. Matthew has lost his family, his family home, his
former life and he has developed a serious mental illness, but he still
keeps praising God and trusting Him just like Job did!

Psalm 119:71
"It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy

Matthew has certainly been harshly afflicted through the loss of his family,
and the pangs of emotional pain have tormented him for a longtime. Although
from a shallow perspective it seems like a hopeless situation for him and
that he lost the fight, if you look through the eyes of Christ you can see
that it is a hopeful situation and that his life bears all the hallmarks of
a Prophet. Although it seems like he has lost the fight, he has not lost the
war, he may have lost a battle but he certainly hasn't lost the war. The war
is against Satan who attacks Gods children but God uses evil for good.
Although God let Satan afflict Matthew it was a blessing in disguise because
it made Matthew learn thy statutes, and it drew him closer to God than
anyone could ever imagine.

A diamond is deep underground for many years while covered in dirt and
darkness. The diamond sits underground buried in a seemingly infinite amount
of dirt in absolute darkness. Many years later a miner begins mining for
that diamond, and he dig's underground and searches for that valuable
diamond through all the dirt, mud and darkness. Finally when the miner
discovers the diamond he cleans off the mud and dirt and polishes it so it
shines like the treasure it is. Matthew is like a diamond, although he has
been in darkness and feels dirty from his prostitute addiction, God still
loves him and values him as the diamond he truly is. God is like that miner
and no matter how dirty Matthew gets he will still be that shining diamond
to God, if he ever gets dirty again, God will just give him another polish
and clean. You cannot change what you are.

Matthew was below the ground and in the darkness for a long time, but an
ordinary rock cannot form into a diamond unless it's deep underground for a
long period of time. Matthew has been underground for a long time after his
wife left him, but while he has been underground he has turned into a
diamond and is no longer an ordinary rock. No ordinary rock can ever
transform into a diamond unless it's buried in dirt for many years.

Matthew has been buried in dirt for many years just as this article
illustrates, but it has turned him into a diamond that shines and reflects
Gods light, just as a diamond reflects the blinding light of the sun.

Any Christian or Non-Christian who has experienced a harsh divorce that
broke their heart, or feels God hates them and is ruining there life should
read this article. This article will show you there is light at the end of
the tunnel.

MARK 5:1-20

This article paints a clear picture of what happened when Jesus healed the
demon possessed man and the circumstances around this story in the bible. I
felt although I had been taken back in time when reading this article, and I
could see Jesus bring comfort to a man who was possessed by demons and
hearing their nasty voices. The apostles wrote the gospels many years after
Jesus died, and it was the Holy Spirit that revealed to them what Jesus did
and said during his ministry. I feel this dramatized story of "my name is
legion" was also inspired by the Holy Spirit and Matthew wrote this story as
the Holy Spirit revealed all the details to him.

The story gives us an expanded version of what happened when Jesus healed
the possessed man, it also gives us some details about who the possessed man
was and how Jesus changed his life. This article also showed me that many
mentally ill people who roam the streets talking to voices and yelling at
the sky are actually demon possessed, and do not have problems with their
brain, but they have spiritual problems with demons. This story shows us
that Jesus Christ is the answer to mental illness and that Jesus can heal
this virus of Satan affecting so many people's minds today.

This article is like a time machine that takes you back in time so you can
see the pain the demon possessed man was going through, and how his pain was
healed by The Prince of Peace. When reading this article I saw Jesus come to
the possessed man like the loving Saviour that he is and heal him with his
love and powerful spirit. This article will bring you closer to Jesus and it
will give you compassion on people with mental illness. Jesus loves all
people, including mentally ill people and we must pray for these people just
like Jesus did.


This article shows us that to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and following
Jesus requires us to be born again of the spirit and to bear fruit. In
Matthew 7, Jesus tells us to build our house upon the rock so we do not fall
when the wind and rain comes, because if we build on the sand we will
collapse and be taken away by the flood. Following Jesus requires us to obey
Him by giving to those that are in need, feeding those who are hungry and
not showing partiality because someone is a drug addict or drunk. We are to
treat everyone equally, because one day a heroin addict who spent all his
money on drugs but is starving might approach you for some money to buy
food, if you deny him come judgment day Jesus will cast you to His left hand
side and label you a goat as it says in Matthew 25. When you ask Jesus why
He says you're a goat he will answer you, "I was that heroin addict, who
begged you for food, and I was hungry but you called me swine and you would
not feed me."

Jesus said to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must be born again of the
spirit. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 it says "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he
is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become
new." If we are born again we should be new creatures in Christ, who love
and help all those in need without showing partiality. Being a Christian is
about living those words Jesus spoke and not just listening to them in
church, we need to be doers of the word and not just hearers deceiving our
own selves. We can worship Jesus all we like in church with our lips and
mouths, but if we are not doing what Jesus said by giving to all those in
need, our hearts are far from Him. Our hearts need to be close to Jesus,
because if our hearts are far from Him while we vainly worship Him with our
mouths and lips in church we are in danger of being cast aside as goats, and
we will never be the sheep who will have the honour of becoming apart of His
heavenly flock. Sheep will make it into Heaven but the goats will not make
it in.

A goat is someone who worships Jesus with their mouth and lips but whose
heart is far from Him. A goat will worship Jesus with his mouth in church
but will not obey Jesus. A sheep will not only worship Jesus with his mouth,
but will mean it in his heart but doing all that Jesus commanded, and giving
to all those in need without showing partiality.


Jesus clearly said that many would say to Him on judgment day "Lord, Lord
didn't we cast out demons and do many wonders in your name." And then Jesus
would say to them, "Depart from me I never knew you." In this controversial
yet revealing article, Matthew shows that calling Jesus Lord and attending a
church service once a week is not enough to make it to Heaven. This article
is controversial and thought provoking, but one cannot underestimate the
potency of Jesus words when he said, in that day He would say "Depart from
me I never knew you!"

Many people are going to tell Jesus they know Him on judgment day, and he's
going to say that He never knew them. If you want to find out about how to
make it to heaven and how to be truly born again, this article covers these
issues and it covers the truth of what is exactly in the bible. This article
will give you the instructions on how to put enough oil in your lamp so you
can make it to the wedding feast.


Matthew does suffer from mental illness and in this article he describes
this illness from a personal perspective, probably better than any medical
professional ever could. Matthew exposes how mental illness is a spiritual
issue, and mental illness is a spiritual deformity or spiritual issue the
patient has and not something carnal or biological. Bipolar is a complex
thing to have, it causes people to have high's and lows at extreme levels
and Matthew explains here, how sometimes the highs of Bipolar can sometimes
exceed the pleasure of any drug. Its clear the man writing this article has
a deep spiritual problem that the mental health professionals cannot
address, Matthew does hear from God, but he also hears from demons and this
is a spiritual issue that medical professionals have been conditioned to

The Prophets in the Old and New Testament heard voices regularly, in the New
Testament Paul saw a bright light and heard the voice of Jesus talking to
him after he fell off the horse, if you told this story to a Psychiatrist
they'd probably say that Paul is schizophrenic and hears voices (auditory
hallucinations). There is more to mental health patients than meets the eye.
Matthew is an exceptional case and he understands his mental illness is a
spiritual problem at its roots, it does have some negative aspects to it,
but it also has some major advantages, because Matthew can hear very clear
in the spirit and he often gets monumental and amazing prophecies off God,
which confounds any learned theology professor or pastor.


This article shows us how to worship God and walk in His spirit, going to
church once a week is not worshipping and living for God. Buying more
expensive worldly items for vanities sake while neglecting to sow into the
Kingdom of God, is a spit in Gods face. It's also spitting in Gods face when
you don't use your money to be a good Samaritan and help the poor. It's a
disgrace to God when so much money is wasted on flash cars and extravagant
houses, which are only purchased in vanity to satisfy a rich mans ego; this
money should be used to get a homeless person somewhere to stay, or to buy
bibles that can be sent to China as there are 60 million Christians in China
with no bible.

This article shockingly shows us that most people going to church once a
week in the west are not serving God with their heart. People in the West
seem to worship God with their mouths and lips, but their hearts are far
from Him. Most Christians in the West seem to be hearers of the word only
and not doers, deceiving their own selves. Jesus said to love the Lord your
God with all your heart, mind and soul and He said to love your neighbour as
yourself. In this article it displays how many Christians are breaking the
law of loving their neighbour as themselves on a regular basis; because they
are too busy indulging in the lust of the world as they satisfy the appetite
of their vanity.



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