Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Can I Exercise Sitting Down?" by Renee Wiggins: Book Review

Can I Exercise Sitting Down?

by Renee Wiggins

iUniverse (2006)

ISBN 059538647

Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (9/06)

There is no excuse now for having to "get up" to exercise! Renee Wiggins provides a simple solution to those of us that are bound to a chair in front of a computer, or for those that are not able to stand to do exercise. Furthermore, the exercises may be done on a plane, bus, or train. Renee proves that calories can be burned and muscles toned while sitting. What a wonderful concept!

Not much equipment is needed - only dumbbell weights, an exercise band, a mat, and a bottle of water. Renee provides an exercise calendar for a full month, e.g. Day 1: walk, treadmill, or bike; Day 2: stretching; Day 3: Biceps, Triceps; Day 4: Walk or bike and stretch. Each day is a variety so boredom of the repetition doesn't set in. Illustrations, photographs, and instructions are included. The best part of the photographs I liked was the fact they were of real women, slightly overweight, and not wearing cutzy exercise apparel.

Day 1 starts with making a commitment. The exercise for the day is walking for 30 minutes or 10,000 steps for the day. This is approximately 5 miles. The snack for the day is an apple. Day 2 is titled "Conversations with Self." Renee provides thoughts for contemplating, focus for the day being stretching and ending with a small banana for a snack. Her recommendation is to stretch after an aerobic workout or a hot bath. Renee tells us that warm muscles are more flexible. Each day Renee provides effective exercises, simple and encouraging, for better health and well being.

Although a small book, "Can I Exercise Sitting Down" is full of positive and effective ways those of us that prefer to sit during exercise could maintain our body. As with any exercise program healthy eating is a must. Renee provides a simple plan and tips to go along with the exercise regime.

Renee Wiggins is a certified personal trainer, licensed certified massage therapist, and a licensed dietitian. She shares her knowledge well with those that want to exercise their way to better health. This concise book is a must for anyone that is still on the "thinking" about an exercising routine, or promising oneself they "will start to exercise on Monday." Renee makes the whole ordeal simple and fun.

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