Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Review of The Little Blue Book of Leadership - John C. Maxwell's Leadership 101

Brief lesson from the Godfather of Leadership

If you are an entrepreneur, you need this book.

Coming into any business, you have to know how to lead your team and yourself. John C. Maxwell emphasizes the importance of developing the personal qualities that create influential and successful leaders. He explains the best way to use your vision and how to make it a compelling factor towards success.

Leadership 101 is a great start for the entrepreneur who is just dipping his or her hands into personal development. At 108 pages, the information is much easier to retain and makes for a great warm up to the other books he has written.

The very language he uses makes lessons in leadership so approachable that one feels comfortable imagining the influential position he or she may acquire in an organization.

Knowing what you can offer your team, your family, your classroom, or your small business helps direct you in a manner that others will want to follow. Maxwell strives to teach you not just what works, but what will not. He supports these principles by sharing stories of well known leaders such as Ray Kroc, Jimmy Carter, Theodore Roosevelt, and Jerry Rice.

If Maxwell's own words won't move you, the stories of these successful people will definitely shake you up. Maxwell uses them as highly effective examples for the various forms of leadership that many people just cannot wait to follow.

The bottom line is, if you are a fan of John Maxwell (and who isn't?) you should definitely pick up a copy of Leadership 101. Implement the lessons taught in the book and watch your organization blossom and your business take off.

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