Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3 Little-Known Ways To Differentiate Your Resell Rights Products From The Herd!

One of the major benefits of having a resell rights product is that you can sell it almost immediately. You are given an instant product to promote, and all you have to do is promote it. However, if you make a little effort to differentiate your product from other resellers, you will definitely make more profits since your product will be perceived as being a unique offering.

Here are 3 easy ways to 'spice up' your resell rights product:

1) Create a themed package

If you possess a few resell rights products, you can package them together as a sort of toolkit. For example, an Adsense toolkit, or an ebook publishing toolkit. Creating a package immediately increases the perceived value of your product and you will be providing a very comprehensive solution to people's problems.

2) Add a 'heart-stopping' guarantee

Having a strong guarantee will set you apart from other resellers. Preferably, make a 60-day guarantee or even a year long guarantee. Although there will be some refunds, the amount of sales you make will more than cover this.

3) Create a new salesletter

If your resell rights product also contains 'private label rights', you can edit the salesletter and create new graphics for it. Having new ecover and banner graphics sets your product apart from the rest and will give you something unique to sell. You can also improve on the original salesletter you were given by adding power phrases and words that increase conversion rates.

You see, by taking a little time and effort to make a few simple changes, your product can take the marketplace by storm and be seen as a credible and unique product.

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