Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Article Directory Submission

Article submission refers to submitting articles to article directories to achieve hyperlinks from websites that wish to publish your content. This is becoming a cost-effective and increasingly popular method of attaining links that are embedded in content, on-topic and from unique domains and class-C IP addresses.

Choosing to submit articles to article directories can be a lengthy process that is a strain on in-house resources. It is essential that efficiency can be achieved, and now many companies are looking towards article writing services and article submission services to ensure efficiency and quality benchmarks can be met and surpassed. Article submission companies will pro-actively find, locate and enhance their article directory submission portfolio to ensure quality benchmarks and cost-effectiveness is attained and constantly evolving to meet their client's requirements.

As article directory submission providers offer varied and ambiguously named services it is essential that any potential clients firstly ensure accountability from the service provider they are choosing to contract with. Should the article submission company provide screenshots of submissions then the client can be sure that every submission they have commissioned has been fulfilled. Most reputable article directory submission providers will have a policy such as this as a standard approach to all submission projects.

Article submission companies may also be particularly beneficial to companies based in the USA, UK and Western countries. Using remote outsourced labour it is possible to attain services for a fraction of the cost of employing and training in-house staff. Indian article directory submission companies will provide services for rates of well below $5 an hour, and in doing so will increase the ROI a western company can attain from their directory submission spend. Choosing to contract with an article directory submission company may also aid in the UKarticle writers phase.

The article submission company will have a good understanding of best-practise article writing and the requirements of article directories to ensure higher acceptance rates and linking incentive. An experienced article submission company will also have links with article writers with experience in SEO and writing articles for the specific purpose of article directory publishing.

An article writing company may also be a potential source for purchasing article submission services or to ask for independent advice. Their desire to aid their customers in attaining the highest ROI for their article marketing spend may mean that asking your copywriter to recommend an article submission company could be a sensible approach.

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