Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An Alternative to Traditional Commercial Real Estate Financing

Traditional commercial existent estate loans offer low funding rates to well-qualified individuals and undertakings seeking capital to buy, re-finance Oregon topographic point a lien on existing commercial property. The property types can range from hotels, restaurants, gambling casinos and flats to office buildings, factories, and even private homes held in commercial trusts or estates. With any of these property types, funding through banks or traditional lenders can be both drawn-out and necessitate a great deal of credit history and supportive income.

If a borrower cannot ran into these high standards, other options are available in a field commonly known as "hard money". In hard money, less qualified borrowers can happen lenders with higher rates who are willing to accept greater risk. These lenders are also prepared to finance within a few hebdomads of receiving a loan application, meaning that deals which cannot delay for conventional funding can be completed as well.

Hard money is also known as a "bridge loan" because it is most often used to finance the spreads between the need for a deal to get done and the convetional, low interest-rate financing. While conventional rates hover between 6-7%, bridge loans can cost as much as 12-16% based on hazard factors. This crisp addition isn't usually felt for long by most borrowers, who typically re-finance within 12-24 calendar months of receiving the option financing.

Finding a hard money lender can be a intimidating task. Respective good directory listings be on the web, but many companies in the largely unregulated field have got been accused of scamming possible clients and accepting upfront fees for loans they never intended to fund. With these patterns widespread, it is best to inquire around the commercial industry to happen a borrower that volition tantrum your needs.


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