Saturday, May 26, 2007

Article Writing - How to Write a Prospect Pulling Negative 7 Tips Article

Writing a seven tips article is one of the fastest and most powerful ways in which to write articles. You can deliver a lot of useful information and it writes quickly.

The power of a "negative" 7 tips article

Here is another way to take a slant on a seven tips article and get a lot of reader response. It is just human nature. Approach the seven tips from a negative angle. This is simple human nature. We are attracted to the negative.

One of my most popular syndicated newspaper articles has been "Seven Ways to Mess up Your Marriage". The negative draws people in. It is a surprise. It is different. It is the same thing as driving by a traffic accident. You don't want to look but you look.

It's the same with a title like "7 Ways to Mess Up Your Marriage." People can't help but be drawn to a title like that. One of the reasons for this, as I have learned from asking my readers, is that they want to see if they are doing any of them and which ones they are doing. It's human nature folks.

How to do it

Step 1 - Just like any 7 tips article, list out your 7 tips.

Step 2 - Then add two or three sentences explaining each tip.

Step 3 - Here is the most important part of writing your negative 7 tips - you must include what to do instead. If all you do is point out what not to do, I don't believe you have been truly helpful. Complete the loop and offer tips on what to do instead.

Now go write your negative 7 tips article.

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