Thursday, May 10, 2007

Getting Valuable Insight to Help You Write Your Next E-Book

As an author of e-books often I find that the most valuable insight I get is from people who know little if anything about the subject matter. This is because you gain insight into the various questions of the readers and novices who may read your book. In fact they may know nothing about the subject or topic you are writing about.

For instance currently I'm writing an e-book about the future of over the road trucks or 18 wheelers. So, I e-mailed 10 people who I believe ask very good questions and I sent them the table of contents and a couple of pictures that will be in the book and asked them if they had any thoughts on the subject. They did.

Indeed one person asked about new technologies which will prevent truck drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. There are actually such technologies that do exist now in the future they will probably be on large semi trucks. I assured the people who asked these questions; "I will be sure to address all of these concerns in the eBook."

Indeed, there were other questions such as road conditions, traffic and what happens to the cargo if it involves perishables and the road is impassable? Another question was about pollution and how the trucks to the future will pollute less or perhaps run on fuel cells.

I told each participant; "Thank you very much for helping kick off this topic for me." And I will surely return the favor if they ever ask me. This is one method that I recommend the e-book authors use to focus in on their audience.

There is no sense in leaving anyone behind in your eBooks and you need to know the questions that normal people would ask. If you are writing an e-book you should answer the normal questions and the questions of the particular industry. I hope this e-book authoring tips will help you.

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