Sunday, May 20, 2007

Resale Rights For Ebooks - Creating High Resale Prices

Have you ever paid a high price for resale rights for ebooks only to see someone reselling them the next week for $1 each on eBay?

Most resellers are lazy. They buy resale rights for ebooks then turn around and resell the ebooks just as they bought them -- except usually for less money because it's quick and easy.

Suppose you have to pay $47 for the resale rights on a hot new ebook. You immediately upload it to your website and shoot an email to your list, "Stop! Don't pay $47... get it today for just $7!"

If you sell 7 copies or more, you've made a profit and you didn't have to do much work. Chances are you will at least double or triple your money, even with a relatively small list.

But there are two problems with that:

1. Unless you are selling resale rights for ebooks to build your list, you have to resell an awful lot of $7 ebooks to make a living.

2. You've just made it difficult for anyone else to sell the resale rights for that ebook for more than $7.

Just because other people are selling resale rights for ebooks for a pittance doesn't mean you have to be stuck with resale rights for ebooks you could only sell on eBay for $1.

Here are three creative ways to maintain or even tremendously increase the value of resale rights for ebooks you purchase:

1. Repackaging

2. Recreating

3. Repurposing

Repackaging Resale Rights For Ebooks

Sometimes resale rights for ebooks are sold for a single ebook, sometimes you get a package. But when you do get a resale rights package, often there wasn't a whole lot of thought that went into deciding what products to put in the package. If the resale rights license allows, you can repackage it with different products to create a themed product.

Maybe last week you picked up a resale rights package that had an ebook about dog training. Then you remember that a resale rights membership you joined has a great looking ebook with private label rights about making doggie treats. Think that dog owners might want to make some nice treats to reward their dog as they are training them? That's probably a much better match than the ebook about copywriting that originally came packaged with the dog training ebook!

On the other hand, you just picked up some nice Web graphics with resale rights. That sure would go better with the copywriting ebook! Then you remember you also have a sales letter generator with software resale rights. You also just read an article about how Web 2.0 is the coming thing.

You spend about half an hour surfing and learning more about Web 2.0. Then you log into your favorite resale rights membership site and discover they have resale rights for ebooks about MySpace, YouTube, and Squidoo. You dust off your copy of Photoshop, download an ecover action script from the resale rights membership site, and spend the afternoon creating some new graphics for your hot new products, "The Web 2.0 Web Master Pack" and the "How To Train Your Dog But Still Treat Your Best Friend Right" package. You set the price at $97 for the Web 2.0 package and $27 for the dog training package.

Recreating Resale Rights Products

Sometimes you don't just get resale rights for ebooks. Sometimes you can also can get private label rights. Repackaging works great, but wouldn't it even be more effective if at least one of the products in the package was only available through you?

You're in luck. You check the license for that copywriting ebook and realize you have unrestricted private label rights. You can claim authorship, modify the content in any way you want, or do just about anything with it. Looking at the copywriting ebook, you realize it's a great ebook on copywriting, but it really doesn't cover creating sales pages for the Web. You add some content and some screenshot graphics to help illustrate.

Then you download a free trial of Camtasia and spend a couple hours creating several videos on how to use the Web graphics and sales page generator, and how to use MySpace, YouTube, and Squidoo. And you change the price to $197.

Repurposing Resale Rights Products

You've created two new products that no one else has. But you're wondering about that dog training package. Maybe there's too much competition for those keywords. You check Google. Even in quotes, "dog training" returns 1,620,000 results! You realize you should have checked Google first. Time to double-check that license. Great, you have private label rights for the dog training ebook as well! Your dog training package is about to become a "German Shepherd training" package. There are only 27,200 results in Google for that!

But then you start thinking... why stop there? You could have dachshund training and Chihuahua training. And there are only 5760 results in Google for "Great Dane training." Just how many breeds of dogs are there? You pull out your calculator and start counting your anticipated millions.

As you think about, it hits you. You can do the same thing with "The Web 2.0 Web Master Pack." You open a Notepad window and quickly type in:

  • The Web 2.0 Web Master Pack

  • Building Your Medical Practice With Web 2.0

  • Promoting Your Legal Practice With Web 2.0

  • How To Promote Your Local Business With Web 2.0

You can think of more later. For now, you want to add some extra multimedia to the ones for the doctors and lawyers. Remembering how much doctors and lawyers charge, you set a price point of $297 for those.

Sitting back for the first time in hours, you realize that the sun is rising. You've been up all night working on this. But you're not tired. In fact, you feel better than you've felt in a long time. You started out with resale rights for ebooks just like everyone else. But now you have some premium products no one else has.

Then it strikes you. You could have just thrown the original products in a package and listed them on eBay with a Buy It Now button. You could have gone to bed early instead of staying up all night. You could have sold resale rights for ebooks just like everyone else. You probably would have made at least a dollar or two by now.

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