Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No More Scrolling! PDF Is Out - Digital Flip Technology Is In

Myrtle Beach, SC - Finally, a software program that is
no longer cumbersome or requires no continual
scrolling to read online e-books, brochures or
magazines. Now online users can enjoy "flipping"
their way through e-publications easily, without
trying to navigate the old pdf way.

This new digital flip technology has been on the
market for quite some time, however, only a few
innovative publishers are utilizing it. Online
magazine publishers such as; duPont Registry, Shape,
DVD Etc. have seen an increased in their subscriber
base, after implemented their new look.

"If you're fingers are tired of constantly scrolling
down to view an online publication or "zooming in and
out" to see the whole page, then chances are your
customers are frustrated with pdf files as well." says
David DeCantillon, owner of Integrated Media
Solutions. "This digital flip software allows the user
to interact with an e-publication by providing easy
point and click page turning, while giving an unique
3-D multimedia experience."

Digital FlipĀ® technology has been around since 1998
and was mainly distributed overseas, until recently.
Many publishers and company in the US, are now seeing
the benefits of this interactive breakthrough. From
authors to photographers, they are all receiving rave
reviews, as they integrate their work into a 3-D
flipbook style, making it better to read and easy to

PDF style publications has made some significant
strides over the years with hyperlink access, embedded
links from the table of contents and index etc.
However, today's online readers want something more
user friendly and more eye appealing.

With digital flipbooks so many options are available,
such as: changing backgrounds, book marking, external
and internal linking, flash media presentations, audio
and video implementation, even background music while
users are browsing.
In summary:
Regardless of what business you are in, if you are
looking to "wow" your customers with your next
e-publication, this 3-D interactive Digital FlipĀ®
technology is for you. It can be placed on your
website or passed along on a CD-ROM. To see a live
demonstration Visit Integrated Media Solutions at


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