Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Resale Rights Products - Where to Find Your Resale License

Selling eBooks and software with Resale Rights is an effective and inexpensive way to build your business.

It's important though to be ethical in your business practices and respect the terms of the resale rights license that comes with the product.

While that may sound easy, in practice finding and abiding by the terms of your license can be frustrating and confusing.

To Abide by Your Resale Rights License First You Have to Find It Some authors make respecting the terms of the Resale Rights license attached to their product quite a chore right from the start by making the license difficult to find. If you've had trouble just locating your license here are some places to look.

Most Resale Rights products come packaged in a .zip file. Once you have extracted the contents of the file look for a .txt file or a .pdf file that does not seem to belong to the actual product. This file could be named all most anything but usually it will be called something like "license" or "terms".

Sometimes the author has shortened a longer term by using only the first letters to form the file name. Master Resale Rights License becomes MRRL.txt. Check anything that looks out of place.

If you can't find a file that contains the license terms try looking for them in the product itself. Look closely at the first few pages. The actual terms might be only a very short sentence that is easily missed.

If you still can't find the license and the product comes with a sales page, try looking there. The information you are so diligently seeking may be buried in the sales copy.

On rare occasions there simply isn't any license information. Then your only recourse is to contact the author. One possible exception is if the product is "Brandable" and includes branding software. If the author has gone to the trouble to include a branding script it seems safe to assume that he or she wants the product to be distributed.

If you have any doubts about the author's intentions then it is best to contact him or her and keep the product off the market until the situation has been clarified.

In part two of this three part series we'll look at some of the common conditions attached to Resale Rights products.

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